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NEW! JBCC Online Certification, Registration & Licensing System

Published on 12/14/2017

In case you haven’t heard, the JBCC has made some innovative changes and additions to their website that directly affect all certified process servers!


Until recently, if you were looking for a process server on the JBCC’s website, you would simply go to the link: and you could download a full list of all the process servers in the State of Texas as a .pdf file or an excel spreadsheet.  Now, there is no more list to download…


The JBCC has moved that list to a new system; an online certification system.  All certified process servers should have received an email from the JBCC before the end of September, inviting them to register and build their profile in the new system.  The new online system is available at:


With the new system comes a new way to search for a process server in the State of Texas.  From the Online Certification and Licensing System main page, be sure that the center tab selected is the “Process Servers” tab in the top center of the page.  Look to the bottom left of the page for the white box labelled “SITE LINKS”.  The very first sentence says “To Search for Certified Process Server: Click Here”.  A direct link to that search page is:  From that same “SITE LINKS” box, you can also search for an approved Continuing Education Court for Process Servers and/or contact the JBCC with a quick link to their email, .


If you (or any of your process servers) did NOT receive the email from the JBCC inviting you to registered ang build your profile, you can still get yourself registered.  You need to send an email to with your name as it is listed with the JBCC and your SCH#.  In response, they should email you an activation code so that you can register in the new system.


Once a process server is all registered, they can then log in to the Online Certification and Licensing System where the site provides you with your own home page.  Your License Information is first and forefront on the screen, but to the bottom of the page and left, there is a toolbar that very clearly at the top reads: “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?”.  The list of items to select from are:  View Pending Online Application(S); Renew; Apply for New Certification; Print Receipt; General Fee Remittance; Administrative Penalties; CE Approval Request; Track CE; Change Name; Change Password; and Update Profile. 


As certified process servers obtain their Continuing Education credits, they can now report them to the JBCC well before time to renew their certification, and the system will keep track of the CE Credits!  This means that you no longer have to wait until time to renew to submit the C.E., you can submit your C.E. at any time in your 2 (or 3) year renewal period.


SCH# changes to PSC#

With the transition to the new Online Certification and Licensing System, the JBCC has already changed all SCH#’s to a PSC#.   Effective immediately, all process servers should now be using “PSC” before their certification number instead of “SCH”.  This information was update on 9/25/2017 and can be found on the JBCC’s website under “Important Notices” at the bottom of the page.


New Certification Expiration Dates for Process Servers

Also found in the “Important Notices” section at the bottom of the JBCC’s home page, is a notice regarding expiration dates for certified process servers.  All new and renewing process servers’ certifications after 9/1/2017 will certified for a 2-year cycle instead of the previous 3-year cycle.  Process servers who renewed their certification before 9/1/2017 still have the full 3 years for their certification to expire. 


Those process servers with 3-year certifications will need 12 CE credit hours to renew when their current certification expires.  Process servers who renewed their certificate after 9/1/2017 should already have an expiration date that is 2-years from the date of certification.  Those servers in the 2-year cycle will need 8 CE credit hours to renew their certification in 2 years.


Certification and Renewal Fees

With the changes in the renewal cycle, also come a slight change in certification and renewal fees.  Instead of $225 every 3 years, the initial certification and renewal fee will now be collected as $150 every 2 years.  Ultimately, this is the same out-of-pocket cost to the server which equivalates to $75 per year of certification.  Timely renewals will be $150 every 2 years, but penalties are added when you let your certification lapse.  90 days or less lapsed will pay $225 to renew.  91 days to 1 year lapsed will pay $300.00 to renew.


More information about Process Server Certification, Renewal, and Fees can be found at: