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Thinking Outside the Box

Scott Thomas | Published on 9/8/2023

Thinking outside the box.


Today’s services include dealing with language barriers, so sometimes you must get creative.   On a recent service completion, the defendants did not get in touch with their Insurance Carrier and ask them to represent them, so the case hit a wall.  My client asked me to locate the defendants and then call him and he would create a 3-way call with the adjuster and an interpreter.  Not having the time to do all of that, I got creative.  I googled translate English to Spanish, and then typed out what I wanted to say.  I then copied the Spanish version & emailed to myself.  I then sent a text to both defendants, since I already had their phone numbers from the initial service and attached the Spanish version to the text.  Within one minute, I received a text from the one defendant in Spanish and then he also called me.  I was able to explain to him that he needs to call the adjuster and instruct them to represent him in this case.  He appeared to understand and said he would call.  I had already provided him with the adjustor's name & phone number in my text, so he had what he needed.  Problem solved – I hope :~) 


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